Miami, day 1… let the fun begin!

By Mel Kirk

Greetings from Miami – possibly one of the most fun, friendly and beautiful cities that I’ve ever visited and it’s all in the name of work – hard life but someone has to do it…

For those of you who are doubting my purpose of being here – it really is work I swear. FOWA is going Stateside in February and I don’t want to leave anything to chance – I want the best hotels, the coolest bars, the most suitable conference venue and what better way than to pound the streets and meet the locals?

So I’ve been here less than 24 hours – already I’ve found the perfect breakfast diner, hired a rental car, returned a rental car (it was frickin’ expensive), walked the entire length of South Beach, been shown around 3 hotels (one was amazing – I’m waiting for the price, thinking it could sting) and now I’m sat here next to the pool blogging – life is good.

Something that struck me immediately was the relaxed atmosphere here – it really does feel like a holiday destination. One statistic that I didn’t know but was given by the cab driver was that 60% of the community in Miami are Latino, that would explain why more of the TV channels here are Spanish than American. Given this fact, I’d be interested to hear your views as to whether it would be beneficial to have a translator at the event?

I’m very excited to be meeting the guys from RefreshMiami tonight. Alex De Carvalho and Dan Rubin have kindly laid on a Geek Dinner to welcome me to town. I’m really looking forward to meeting fellow web peeps to learn more about the industry out here and to quiz them on all things Miami – I wonder if they know what they’re letting themselves in for? Alex text me last night to let me know that I had to turn up with a Halloween prop – given the late notice, I’m hoping my face will suffice! Either way, promises to be amusing, so I’ll take plenty of pics.

I’ll report back on tonight’s dinner in the morning, so check this space!

p.s. you might have noticed that I threw in some “Americanisms” in the post, but well you know, I figured I’m practically a local now!

p.p.s the weather’s been so beautiful here that I found myself thinking “why didn’t we choose October again?” – then the heavens opened and I remembered.

p.p.p.s having your laptop on your legs when you’re next to the pool turns out not to be such a good idea, it burns. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

miami artwork


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