Day 2 Miami… I’m Still in One Piece

By Mel Kirk

Last night I finally met the guys from RefreshMiami and I haven’t had so much fun in ages. It was great to see how passionate everyone is about the Miami web scene and really encouraging to know that there’s so much going on outside of San Francisco and London.

Quick shout out for my fellow local Miamians (wow I love that name!) …

Dan Rubin, superflousbanter
Brian Beslin, infinimedia
Alex de Carvalho, Scrapblog
Caleb Elston, Scrapblog
Christian Calzadillas, Impress
Mike Gowan, Scrapblog
Alex Harris, eDiets
Jorge Alberto Fiterre, Condista
Carlos Garcia, Scrapblog
Rebecca Saylor, Royal Caribbean Cruises
Josue Rodriguez, mtek

My sincerest apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone – if it doubt, blame it on the jet lag!

I was really interested to hear more about the work that the guys from Scrapblog are doing. I must have come across like a complete fan girl at the point that I gushed “I love Scrapblog” continually for about 10 minutes, but they didn’t seem to mind too much. Obviously I couldn’t have scared them off completely, as they’ve invited me to go to see their offices and see some stuff that the’re working on. I’m so excited, it’s really quite shocking. I’m now wondering whether this geek was alway lurking inside of me waiting to get out…


Photo thanks to Alex de Carvalho

Today’s been another action packed day, which means my eyes are closing as I’m writing this – so therefore I’m planning to give you all of the details tomorow when I’m hoping to make sense, well as much sense as you can expect from me anyway ;0

Happy monday / tuesday….


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