Have you signed up to the FOWA social network?

By Mel Kirk

Three weeks until FOWA hits Miami and we really hope that you can make it. If you’re coming to FOWA and haven’t already done so, we would really encourage you to sign up to the social network.

For those of you who used it at the FOWA Expo in London, you’ll know it’s a lot of fun finding those with similar interests and also those folks completely opposite to you – always a great ice breaker on the day. In addition, it’s a great way to have a look at the attendees coming to the event so that you can arrange to meet, whether that’s a potential business contact or if you’re looking to recruit etc.

FOWA Miami Networking

In addition we have now added the functionality for you to sign up to the socials taking place. This gives us a better idea of numbers and gets you involved in the fun. So what are you waiting for?


See what I did there? OK, I didn’t quite pull it off, but humor me 🙂

In addition to the social network there is now a wiki set up for you to use as you like. So far it’s got lots of information that we hope you will find useful such as transport links, hotel information, travel guides etc. So maybe if you’re looking to share a cab with someone or split the cost of a hotel room with someone (maybe that’s pushing it if you don’t know them) why not add your details to the wiki and see who gets back to you? Plus of course there’s always those bar meetups!!!

FOWA Miami Wiki

Wifi Cloud

We’re really pleased to be working with Cliff Skolnick of rightround, thanks to a recommendation from Scott Beale.

Cliff has more than two decades of experience in Internet servers, security, and connectivity. He was a co-founder and chief information officer of Organic Online, where he designed the network and server architecture used by such high-profile clients as Volvo, Levi’s, Sybase, MCI, Netscape, Saturn, and Microsoft. Cliff has been involved in setting up connectivity for many Bay Area events and also SXSW.

This means that we’re working on providing you with the best possible connection so that you can blog til your hearts content, oh and check on those ever mounting emails too!

Ooooh we’re going to Miami!


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