Can we build a web app in 4 days?

We, the Carsonified crew have set ourselves a challenge this week, to build a web app in just 4 days! Yikes!

You may remember idea week where we took a week out to create We had such a good time doing this as it was a chance for us to get away from our day to day roles and create something completely different as a team.

This time we have decided to get our creative juices flowing to build Matt: the Multi Account Twitter Tweeting app.

Have you ever wanted to post to more than one twitter account? Matt lets you do exactly this without having to faff about logging into numerous accounts with different usernames and passwords. It would definitely make our lives a little bit easier here so we want to share it all with you guys, from the planning stages to the launch on Thursday (hopefully!)

So today is Day 1!

We have each been given our roles for the week, for some of us these are pretty obvious! Mike will be designing the site, Keir and Elliott will be in charge of the development, Louise will be working on the copy, Will, Dom and Tash are putting together a fab marketing plan and myself and Ryan get to video and photograph all of this for you guys.

I quite fancy myself as a member of the paparazzi, lots of hiding around corners to get candid shots! hehe 🙂

Check out some pics from today when we were let loose to get started on themattinator!

Working on the Matt logo

Matt ideas

Watch this space for video footage of Day 1 and updates on how we are getting on. 🙂


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