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Road Trip is underway!

Hand-written sign saying 'FOWA Road Trip'

We had a blaaaaast in Bristol last night. Thanks for everyone who came out!

I did some interviews and we took a ton of photos – check out the FOWA Road Trip Bristol Flick set.

Here are some of the cool kids I met (if I miss you off this list, shoot me an email and I’ll add you):

  1. Tom Holder –
  2. Ian Wooten –
  3. Dan Dixon –
  4. Andrew Parkhouse –
  5. Steve Temple –
  6. James Chudley –
  7. Lee Kelleher –
  8. Mathew Wood –
  9. Sam Machin –
  10. Darius Pocha –
  11. Greg Annandale
  12. Laura Francis –
  13. Beef –
  14. Jon Gibbins –
  15. Steve Ireland –
  16. Jon Tan –


In this quick interview, I talk to Alex and Laura Francis who came along for beers at The Watershed in the first leg of the FOWA Road Trip. They discuss the web community in Bristol and what’s going to be big in web apps in 2008.


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