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Dublin, Paris and Amsterdam

It’s been a whirlwind tour and I’ve really been enjoying meeting local people in the various cities on our Road Trip. Here are some thoughts on the various cities:


Photo of people drinking

The scene in Dublin is very, very exciting. So much so that I’d venture to say that it’s even more happening than the London scene. We had a massive turnout (200 excited people), there were demos, tons of networking – it felt even more exciting than a TechCrunch party in Silicon Valley.

I’d say a big key to that is the Web2Ireland group. They’re very positive, outgoing and excited about succeeding in the web space. Here are just a couple of the exciting apps I came across:

I’d like to thank Fergus from Nooked for helping me organize the event. Also, we had Microsoft Silverlight and Advent Ventures throw a ton of money behind the bar. Thanks!


Ryan interviewing Hubert

The Road Trip to Paris was small an intimate. We had about 20 folks show up, mostly from Netvibes. My French isn’t that great (read: non-existant) so it was tough to drum up a lot of interest to the French crowd. However, it was great to be supported by the folks that came out.

It was at this event, actually, that I came across one of the most exciting web apps so far: Todeka. Charles, the CEO, ran me through how it works and I’m really excited about it. I think it might be the beginning of an answer to the online identity problem.


Three people smiling at camera

We had a great turnout in Amsterdam and it was a great night. What I took away from the event is that there is a very vibrant Dutch web community. It was interesting to hear from several folks that they felt that, in general, the Dutch are too protective of their ideas and that it stifles creativity. I know a lot of the people I spoke to wanted to break down those barriers.

Another interesting point is that there are a ton of startups focusing on mobile in Holland. I had a great conversation with Mathijs van Abbe from Moby Picture about uploading your data to various networks with one click via mobile.

Another interesting app I came across was Tipit, which is an app which allows you to give tips to people.

Next …

On to Copenhagen!


Road Trip London = Rockin

Wow! We had an amazing crowd last night – probably at least 150 people flooded into the Pitcher & Piano for the London leg of the FOWA Road Trip.

I spoke to over 20 different UK startups, which is tremendously exciting. I believe the UK and European web startup scene continues to strengthen.

Here is just a small sample:

  1. Zebtab
  2. Huddle
  4. New Way to Date
  5. Vzaar
  7. BoxedUp

Here are some of the photos (complete Flickr set) …

The (in)famous Tantek Celic

Advent, our generous drink sponsors

The crowd, heating up!

You can also see the video interviews I’m doing while on the road. Apologies for the lack of light in a few of them – bars are dark places!

Come see us in Manchester tomorrow night

Hey everyone,

Just a quick reminder that I’ll be in Manchester Thursday night (Aug 16th) for the second leg of our FOWA Road Trip.


We’re throwing £200 behind the bar so come on out and have a beer on us! You can RSVP on these two sites:

By the way, I need a bit of help during the evening, so if you don’t mind lending a hand, please shoot me an email at ryan[at]dropsend[dot]com

See you there,

New Road Trip page live

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new FOWA Road Trip page. Hope you enjoy it!


It’ll be a fun way to keep up to date on the trip.

A big pat on the back to our new designer, Elliot Jay Stocks, for the fab design and beautiful XHTML and CSS 🙂

Road Trip is underway!

Hand-written sign saying 'FOWA Road Trip'

We had a blaaaaast in Bristol last night. Thanks for everyone who came out!

I did some interviews and we took a ton of photos – check out the FOWA Road Trip Bristol Flick set.

Here are some of the cool kids I met (if I miss you off this list, shoot me an email and I’ll add you):

  1. Tom Holder –
  2. Ian Wooten –
  3. Dan Dixon –
  4. Andrew Parkhouse –
  5. Steve Temple –
  6. James Chudley –
  7. Lee Kelleher –
  8. Mathew Wood –
  9. Sam Machin –
  10. Darius Pocha –
  11. Greg Annandale
  12. Laura Francis –
  13. Beef –
  14. Jon Gibbins –
  15. Steve Ireland –
  16. Jon Tan –


In this quick interview, I talk to Alex and Laura Francis who came along for beers at The Watershed in the first leg of the FOWA Road Trip. They discuss the web community in Bristol and what’s going to be big in web apps in 2008.

Thanks Bristol!

 By Mel Kirk

The first of the FOWA roadtrips took place last night at the Watershed in Bristol. The turnout was really good and there were lots of new people which we really enjoyed meeting. The guys that have been heavily involved with the Bristol Media site were there and it was apparent how much great stuff is going on in Bristol at the moment.

We’ve posted some photos on Flickr with the tag “fowaroadtrip” – if you were there and have any photos, it would be great if you could use the same tag. We’ll be posting more pictures and videos from the event here shortly. Here’s a taster though…

FOWA Bristol Roadtrip

Next stop Manchester… now where’s that FOWA bus?

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