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Finishing Touches…

 By Mel Kirk

I just wanted to give an update to all of those who are waiting to receive their copy of the Conference in a Box…. we haven’t forgotten you, it will be making its way to you shortly. Due to the increased content to squeeze on to the DVD, we’re just completing the editing and hope to get it sent to you within the next 10 days.

Thanks so much for your patience, we really appreciate it. In the meanwhile, check out this page, where we are uploading audio and slides as we get them.


We can’t say thank you enough!

By Mel Kirk

On behalf of the team, I’d like to thank you so much for coming to FOWA and making it such a success. It really matters to us that you guys have the best possible time and that you leave on a high – so to have received emails and comments from so many of you over the last few days has made all of the hard work worthwhile.

Before we go on to thinking about planning FOWA Miami, I’d be so grateful if you could find the time to spend a couple of minutes giving us feedback on the event, so that the next event can be better again. You are able to leave feedback here.

We had such a blast and really hope that you did too. I’ve tried to include a couple of my personal highlights below…

fowa expo conference chairs

Our amazing conference chairs, Brian Oberkirch and Simon Willison, who brought such expertise to the stage…
Photo thanks to alexander.kirk

carsonified launch party

The Carsonified launch party – photo thanks to idoen

Live filming of diggnation




The live filming of diggnation – photo thanks to alexander.kirk

I should at this point, highlight the fact that never before have so many men try to push me out of the way to get to another man. With concerns that the stage might actually collapse, I was forced to shout (not a regular occurrence for me, I promise), only to be met by blank looks, as if to say – do you not realise who these people are?

Thank you so much once again, we really hope to see you at the next event, but in the meanwhile we’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback or suggestions. If you get time, you should also check out the new Carsonified site – although it should be said, that I will not be held accountable for my Twitter updates 🙂



the empty hall after the crowds had gone
Until next time… 🙂

Things you need to know…

By Mel Kirk

Oh me, oh my – FOWA Expo is in less than a week! We can’t believe how quickly it’s come around and we’re so excited to get there and let the fun times begin….

Before that though, I thought that it would be good to go over some useful information (you’ve probably already got this, but just incase!):-

  • Passes can be collected by last name from the registration area at the expo hall. Doors will open from 8am, so please allow plenty of time to register.
  • If you’ve booked a pass in a company name rather than an individual, please remember to collect it stating the company name rather than your own
  • The entrance to the hall is S4 (this will be clearly signposted – you won’t be able to miss us)
  • You will need to keep your pass on you at all times and will need a 2 or 3 day pass to gain access to the main auditoriums (with exception of the diggnation filming)
  • Food and beverages will be available to purchase throughout the event, so remember to bring change with you (a cash point is available at the venue)
  • The easiest way to access the venue is from the West entrance
  • If you’re planning to come to the party (all the cool kids will be there 😉 ), please keep your 2 or 3 day pass with you as you’ll need to present this to get your free beer!
  • Don’t forget to sign up to our social networking tool which will help you find the people you’re most like, most different from and see which presentations they’re attending etc. Plus you can write blog posts and place comments on the comments board, which is always fun, lets face it. Check it out here for more details.
  • For those of you that have booked workshops, they will be accessed from the Waterside of the venue which will take you directly to the workshop rooms. These will be clearly signposted on the day.
  • If when you’re at the event you decide that you’d really like to hang with us for an extra day and come along to the workshops, please find me at the registration area, and I’ll arrange to upgrade your pass for you (you’ll just need to pay the difference in the pass price)
  • The conference in a box will be available to purchase on the day, along with copies of previous events such as Future of Web Design and Future of Online Advertising. We’ll be selling these at a special “2 day only” price, so be sure to bring your wallet/purse with you.
  • If you know anyone that wants to come to the expo but hasn’t booked a pass yet, these can be bought on the day for £5 (cash only) – so tell them to come along!

Lastly and most importantly, we’re really looking forward to seeing you all there – so make sure to stop by and say hi, it’s always good to put faces to names…

That’s all for now, London baby!

We’re so excited…

By Mel Kirk

… and we just can’t hide it (that was cheesy wasn’t it?).

Seriously though, we’re really looking forward to kicking off the roadtrip tonight. First stop Bristol! If you haven’t already done so, check out the details here. We’re leaving our laptops at the office for the night and heading off to the Watershed in Bristol for a few beerskis. If you can join us, we’ll be throwing some money behind the bar at the beginning of the night, so we’d love to see you there.

Picture of Watershed, Bristol

Chat to us

By Mel Kirk

If you’re stuck or you’ve got any queries, there are now more ways to contact us. We’ve set up various chat accounts on which we’ll be available on Monday – Thursday 9am-6pm GMT. Details are available on the contact page of the site, but just to confirm:-


AIM: fowahelp

ICQ: 416676318


Skype: fowahelp

So now there’s no need to sit there pondering if you’re stuck, get in touch! 🙂

A guide for start-ups at web conferences

by Lisa Price

Alex Iskold at Adaptive Blue has posted some really great advice about how start-ups should choose which conferences to attend, and how to make the most out of them in terms of raising their profile in the industry and meeting some really good contacts. Ben Metcalfe, Jeremiah Owyang and Gareth Rushgrove have also blogged with their thoughts on choosing which events to go to.

Using industry events not only to listen and learn about new ideas and technologies but to meet with other people and tell them what you’re up to is as far as we’re concerned a huge part of the deal. Anyone who’s been to SXSW will testify that it’s just as much about what you hear and who you meet in the corridors than what you experience inside the rooms.

It’s part of the reason we here at Carson Systems love doing events – it’s not just putting them on, but it’s getting to meet all the people we admire and respect in our industry – as well as people from all over the country involved in cool start-ups or trying to do new things in their companies. We feel very privileged to be among you!

If you’re thinking of coming to FOWA and you’re a small business, a freelancer or you have the germ of a start-up idea in your mind, we know you won’t be disappointed by the huge variety of people you’ll meet and the things you’ll learn. We’ve built on The Lounge (a kind of online meeting place where you can connect with other attendees) by adding a wiki so you can really chat ahead of the event and arrange your own meet-ups.

If you really want to make a splash in the industry, we have created a great opportunity for any size web company to gain exposure to hundreds of people. A 3m x 3m booth is £2195 which includes a shell, carpet, electrical and internet connection. There’s also a super deal for web companies that have less than 3 employees and less than £200K in revenue per year. We also want to encourage any non-profits and organisations to exhibit for free.

If you are a startup looking for exposure, or an established company looking to get in front of a serious enterprise attendee, please contact Andrew Calvo (andrew [at] for more info on all of these opportunities. If you’ve never exhibited at an event before and need some inspiration on how to get the most out of it, or you want to learn about the number of different ways in which exhibiting can benefit your business, Andrew’s your man!

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